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Welcome to Master Packing and Rubber Company

American-Made Packing & Rubber Sealing

Master Packing & Rubber Company is a global manufacturer and distributor of quality sealing products with the integrity of a locally-owned company headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We supply a huge inventory of American-made gaskets, seals, and materials that are customizable for the application and facility conditions. Whether you are sealing a liquid, gas, or powder, our team of experts will find the best solution for you. We do our research and use our expertise to customize the right materials and design before we give you the final sealing product. This ensures the product can do the work you need, no matter the intensity.

Our goal at MPRC is to improve the installation process and performance of your equipment with our seals and gaskets. With a fast turnaround from the initial order to the delivery of the product, you can trust the solution we offer is the one that will last. We provide out-of-the-box solutions by redesigning the original seal that didn’t work for you. Even after the sale, we work with you to make sure the product continues to serve your needs. We aim to act as a resource and help our customers maintain longevity and strong performance of the seals and gaskets we produce.

Rail, Marine & Bio-fuel Sealing Products

Serving the rail, marine, and bio-fuel industries, we provide high-performance gaskets and seals that can withstand the extreme conditions of industrial facilities and equipment use. We put a lot of research and testing into making sure the materials we use are long-lasting and will maintain their quality. From gasket seals to the variety of sheet materials we supply and cut, we can provide your solution with a quick turnaround.

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